Course Content

LYTTC Course Content
The course is structured around four key areas: anatomy and physiology, philosophy, teaching skills and asana/pranayama practice. Written homework focuses on anatomy and physiology, philosophy and teaching skills.

yoga-trainingWe expect you to have a daily yoga and breathing practice, and to be teaching a small class six months after the start of the course.

Anatomy and Physiology
This element of the course is taught by Lesley Dike, BWY DCT, and Peter Blackaby, nationally renowned yoga teacher, osteopath and author of Intelligent Yoga.

Lesley’s sessions provide an accessible introduction to anatomy and physiology, linked directly to yoga teaching. Pete’s sessions develop this knowledge into a holistic approach that considers movement in the context of evolution and childhood development, drawing upon the latest research in the field.

Neville Cregan teaches this course component in an engaging and accessible manner.

He looks at the history of yoga, both modern and ancient, and explores key texts including the Upanishads, Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and the Hathayogapradipika. He also looks at the links between yoga and Buddhism and provides and introduction to meditation.

Teaching Skills
Your teaching skills are developed through monthly workshops and regular teaching assessments with both your peers and invited guests. There is a focus on developing hands-on experience, honing your teaching skills through practical small group work.

LYTTG-teachingThere are specific workshops focusing on key areas including shoulderstand, head balance, pranayama and meditation.

Asana and Pranayama
Intensive asana classes are a key component of this course. Most weekend meetings include at least one two or three hour class taught by the course directors and faculty. Classes are lead by two teachers, so there is plenty of opportunity for individual attention and an interactive approach is encouraged.

The key principles of the approach to asana are breathing, grounding and releasing. There are also dedicated pranayama classes on each course day.

Specialist Areas
The course includes three specialist teaching weekends. The pregnancy weekend is taught by Ruth Polden , leading active birth teacher and yoga teacher. Christiane Kerr, founder of Calm for Kids, leads our weekend on teaching yoga for children. Highly experienced course directors and faculty deliver the weekend on therapeutic yoga.

Professional Skills
Additional talks and workshops to enhance your skills as a yoga teacher include class planning and business and marketing skills.

We run a mentoring scheme with highly experienced yoga teachers who have previously completed our course. They are available to provide support for you in all aspects of the course and your development as a yoga teacher.